Iraq E-Gate for Financial Services company has a wide network of POS devices that covers all Iraqi governorates. It provides the highest technology devices for merchants to accept international cards and support electronic payments at their store. Accepting electronic payments contribute in lowering the risks of cash transactions for the merchant. Following all financial operations on the merchant account in real-time reports also providing a better, safe and convenient payment experience for his customers.   

Providing the best POS devices to support electronic payments for merchants and from different sizes and sectors.

Providing paying with foreign currencies service Dynamic Currency Conversion -DCC for holders of non local currency issued cards.

Create and manage POS devices accounts of merchants, to accept different international cards (ِCredit,Debit, prepaid, giftcards, loyalty and discounts)

Managing POS Devices

Managing POS devices accounts of merchants

Settling merchant payments in 3 working days only.

Managing and processing reversed payments

Providing the highest technology systems and practices for fraud protection

Training and Reporting

  • Provide accounts statements monthly or upon request
  • Provide 24/07 technical support and maintenance services
  • Provide commercial reports that could be needed by merchant to help him in planning for his marketing campaigns.
  • Providing required training for the merchant to provide the best customer experience
  • 24/07 Merchants Service Center to answer merchants questions and inquiries
  • Supporting loyalty programs in the form of points, rewards, discounts or others.