About Us

Iraq E-Gate For Financial Services Co. is an Iraqi company registered in Iraq, and was granted license as a Financial Electronic Payment Company, under License No. 4 per the Central Bank Law No. 56 of year 2004 and the Electronic Payment System No.3 of 2014.

Per the scope of the granted license, Iraq E-Gate is permitted to conduct the following activities:

  • Acquisition of Merchants
  • Acquisition of ATMs
  • Acquisition of Manual Cash Disbursements
  • E-commerce Acquisition
  • Issuance of Local and International Prepaid Cards
  • Facilitation of Electronic Bill Payments
  • Bank Services
  • Other Value Added Services

The company handles its work from its location in Baghdad/Almansour and managed by professional staff specialized technically, commercially and financially in the field of electronic payment and technology systems working day and night to put the best international practices of electronic payment with safety in the hands of the Iraqi citizen and under his control.