Bill Payment

Switch makes bill payments easier for customers with personal reoccurring payments, as well as online solutions that use our extensive biller network. We give you an advantage over competitors with our local reach and numerous options across multiple channels.

Switch provides an electronic bill presentment and payment system; our system is integrated with the Central Bank of Iraq and aims at providing its customers with unwavering and seamless services via various online channels and payment-service providers.

 MOE ( Ministry Of Electricity )

It’s now possible to pay your electricity bill electronically, and it’s provided for hay aljameah zone and basmaia complex only, you can pay via Visa or MasterCard through the MOE Bill – Iraq application which belongs to the Ministry of Electricity or by switch mobile application for switch cardholders.
In simple and easy steps, you can now pay your electricity bill via your Mastercard or
visa card through either switch mobile app or the ministry of electricity app.

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Zain Bill Payment

Now you can pay your phone line bill from zain telecom company inside the switch mobile app, in simple and easy steps you can pay your bill while you’re sitting at home or anywhere else by using your switch Mastercard or visa card.

Add a Bill

  1. Press Bill Payment.
  2. Go to add new bill.
  3. Enter requested info.
  4. Press save bill.

Pay a Bill

  1. Go to Bill Payment.
  2. Select the bill you want to pay.
  3. Press pay.
  4. The total bill amount will appear.
  5. Press Full amount.
  6. Select the sending card.
  7. The process is done successfully.