Money Transfer

We provide our customers with affordable and reliable money transfer services to ease transactions between them and their families and friends, whether it was through MoneyGram international money transfer or card to card domestic transfer between switch cards through our mobile application.


You can now transfer money internationally from Iraq through the use of our newly launched MoneyGram money transfer service, we’re proud to announce tha we’re the first agent for MoneyGram in Iraq, in simple and easy steps through our application, you can transfer your money anywhere in the world while sitting in your house or at the mall or anywhere easily, digitally, and safely. The MoneyGram money transfer service is now very easy through our application, by following the simple steps demonstrated below will show you in detail how to add a beneficiary, send and receive a transfer and also how to inquire about your transfer history.

Add a beneficiary

  1. Press money gram.
  2. Go to register beneficiary.
  3. Press add new beneficiary.
  4. Enter requested info.
  5. Press send.

Send a Transfer

  1. Go to money gram.
  2. Press send a transfer.
  3. Choose sending card.
  4. Choose beneificary.
  5. Enter required info.
  6. Press confirm.
  7. Agree to terms and conditions.
  8. Press confirm.

Receive a Transfer

  1. Go to money gram.
  2. Go to receive a transfer.
  3. Choose receiving card.
  4. Enter transfer reference number.
  5. Confirm the information and enter required info.

Inquire About Transfer History

  1. Go to money gram.
  2. Go to transfer history.
  3. You’ll be able to know the history of sent and received transfers.

Card To Card Transfer

A service that enables you to transfer money between your cards, and to other switch cards to help a friend or a family member from within the country in easy and simple steps from within our mobile app. If you were in times of need, your friend can transfer money to you from switch card to switch card or you can transfer money to your friend to recharge his card, also you can transfer money between your cards to recharge the card you want by following simple and easy steps as demonstrated below.

Transfer Money Between My Cards

  1. Press my cards.
  2. Choose sending card.
  3. Choose receiving card.
  4. Enter amount to be transferred.

Transfer Money to Other Cards

  1. Press other cards.
  2. Select sending cards.
  3. Choose beneficiary.
  4. Enter amount.