Vision & Mission

Iraq E-gate company for financial services aims to be the leading platform in the field of electronic payment by providing best products and services of electronic payment to all categories of society and governmental and private institutions of all sizes in less cost and easiest means. To fulfill all the aspirations that provide special services and uncomparable advantages that are unprecedented to its customers.

As the company aspires to be the main engine in raising the financial inclusion level in Iraq which contribute in the growing of the Iraqi economy, also improve and facilitate the life of the Iraqi citizen and enhance transparency in all transactions following up the strategy of Iraqi Central bank and the ambitions of Electronic Government in Iraq.


“To play a pivotal role in transforming the payment system in Iraq and driving the nation towards a cashless economy”


“To provide Iraqis with a convenient access to an innovative and secure e-payment platform at a reasonable cost”

Convenient Access

  • We provide our customers with access through multiple channels
  • We offer a nationwide network of agents
  • We can connect customers at their homes


  • We utilize cutting-edge digital technology and practices
  • We understand our customers’ needs
  • We employ the best talent

Safe and Secure

  • We invest in secure technology
  • We process transactions safely
  • We understand and protect our customers’ privacy and digital assets

Reasonable Cost

  • We help our customers avoid travelling with large amounts of cash
  • We help our customers avoid standing in queues by cutting through bureaucracies