Value Added Services

Switch provides you with the newest cutting edge services in the e-payments field that makes your life a lot easier; beginning from digital money transfer that you can do from anywhere through the app to the bill payment solutions that enables you to pay your bills digitally to the mobile app services that help you manage your daily spending and creating virtual shopping cards and buy gaming and shopping e-vouchers and so much more. Switch vows to make your life simple and save up time for you to enjoy living without worrying.

Money Transfer

We provide our customers with affordable and reliable money transfer services to ease transactions between them and their families and friends, whether it was through MoneyGram international money transfer or card to card domestic transfer between switch cards through our mobile application.

You can now transfer money internationally from Iraq through the use of our newly launched MoneyGram service, we’re proud to announce that we’re the exclusive agent for MoneyGram in Iraq, in simple and easy steps through our application, you can transfer your money anywhere in the world while sitting in your house or at the mall or anywhere easily, digitally, and safely.
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Card To Card
A service that enables you to transfer money between your cards, and to other switch cards to help a friend or a family member from within the country in easy and simple steps from within our mobile app.
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Bill Payments

Switch makes bill payments easier for customers with personal reoccurring payments, as well as online solutions that use our extensive biller network. We give you an advantage over competitors with our local reach and numerous options across multiple channels

 MOE ( Ministry Of Electricity )
It’s now possible to pay your electricity bill electronically, and it’s provided for hay al-jameah zone and basmaia complex only, you can pay via Visa or MasterCard through the MOE Bill – Iraq application which belongs to the Ministry of Electricity or by switch mobile application for switch cardholders.
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Zain bill payment

Now you can pay your phone line bill from zain telecom company inside the switch mobile app, in simple and easy steps you can pay your bill while you’re sitting at home or anywhere else by using your switch Mastercard or visa card.

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 App Solutions

Your one stop shop to a digitized cashless experience, with Switch app you can pay online, transfer money around the world, pay your bills, manage your expenses and create a virtual card with world class security

Card management

You can now manage your card and control the card spend by placing a limit on the number of transactions per day or month, also you can change and select the default card and know the transaction history for each card, you can stop or delete the card through the mobile app, request PIN / CVV, and also show and hide card information.
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Create a virtual card

You can now create a reloadable virtual Mastercard or VISA card very simply through our mobile application, the card holds a limit of 650 $ and can be used in all online transactions.
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Buy and send gift Virtual cards

You can now buy and send as a gift various virtual gift cards available in the Switch app including the categories gaming, shopping, entertainment, and careem cards, it’s the perfect gift to give to your friends and family.
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Switch Merchants Network

Through the app, you can identify our merchants and pos locations through which you can use the Switch card and also identify online stores where you can use your card.
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Recharge cards

You can buy and charge the balance directly from the app in safe and fast steps, you can top up your balance digitally from the app as demonstrated below.
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Paying bills

You can pay your line bills directly from the app in safe and fast steps by adding the bill first then going to pay the bills section to continue the process as demonstrated below
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Buy and gift E-Commerce E-Commerce Cards

You can buy Switch cards in a safe and fast way where they are available in several categories ($10, $25, $50, $100, $300), these cards are available in both Mastercard and visa in the app and it’s very great for shopping and easy to acquire form within the app.
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International Money transfer

Now you can easily transfer and receive money internationally through the use of our MoneyGram service.
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Card To Card Transfer

You can transfer Money between switch cards with high speed and safety.
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