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As the demand for e-payment services worldwide increases, it has become necessary to provide the financial, banking, government, and other business sectors with the latest and most advanced technical solutions in order to help them manage and conduct their financial transactions – in compliance with safety, security and reliability standards. It is also equally important to present citizens with the best and simplest ways to execute easy and secure online payments and purchases – anytime, anywhere.

For this purpose, in 2016, we launched Iraq Electronic Gate for Financial Services Company (SWITCH) to conduct, offer, and facilitate e-payment services across the country. SWITCH is registered as a national company in Iraq and licensed by the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) as an Electronic Payment Service Provider under License No. 4, according to the provisions of Law No. 56 of 2004. SWITCH is also licensed by Mastercard International and Visa International as a Principal Member and by MoneyGram as a main dealer of international remittances. The scope of services extended by SWITCH includes:

  • Card issuing and management

  • Point-of-sale acquiring and management

  • ATM acquiring and management

  • Transactions processing

  • Local and international money transfers

  • Bill payment and management

  • Licensing, compliance and anti-fraud services

  • Consulting services

  • Banking services

who we are

From our headquarters in Al-Jadriya, Baghdad, our technical, commercial, and financial specialists from the e-payment and IT sectors work efficiently and professionally, 24/7, to deliver to our clients the best, easiest, and most secure global e-payment practices and solutions.

We provide our services and solutions to banks, financial and non-financial institutions, companies, and merchants that utilize e-payment services in their daily businesses. We deploy a wide range of premium services that make it easier to conduct different online purchases via cards, e-wallets or mobile by coordinating with all relevant parties – including integrating with the CBI Iraqi National Switch.

Moreover, we present services of ATM management, payment card issuance, mobile payment, and point-of-sale that support the operations and businesses of numerous sectors. Through integrated offerings, we also help banks and companies shape a unique experience within the payments arena while guaranteeing the highest security, safety, and reliability.

من نحن

Our Team

Our team brings together a host of technical, commercial and financial professionals within the fields of e-payments and information systems, all of whom work around the clock to ensure our clients remain at the forefront of the latest sector advancements.

Waleed Mohammed Al Naser

Taher H. Nofal

Mayada Azam Ereikat 
Artboard 5

Maysam Al Hayali

Wisam Naief Salameh

Our Address :  Bldg. 161 Str. 45Dist.915 Hey Al-Jamaha,Al Jadria, Baghdad-Iraq

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