Favicon Vision

To play a pivotal role in transforming the e-payment system in Iraq and drive the nation towards a cashless economy.


Favicon Mission

To provide Iraqi citizens with facilitated access to an innovative, secure, convenient, and affordable e-payment platform.

Our Goals And Core Values

Favicon Objectives

  • To be the pioneering e-payment platform and preferred choice for clients across different sectors by offering various segments of society and multi-sized government and private institutions class-leading products and services that cater to different business needs at the lowest costs.
  • To be the leading e-payment solutions company, extending exceptional services that meet the aspirations of our clients, while keeping pace with the latest digital financial transactions solutions in order to help consumers and institutions complete their financial transactions electronically with utmost ease, convenience, safety, and security.
  • To be a key contributor to rising financial inclusion in Iraq as a means of spurring national economic growth, facilitating and improving the lives of citizens, and bolstering transaction transparency – in line with the strategy of the Central Bank of Iraq and the ambitions of the e-Government of Iraq.
Our Goals And Core Values

Favicon Core Values

  • Security: We aim to provide the highest security levels and deploy cutting-edge technology solutions in compliance with internationally-adopted security protocols and information security standards that protect user rights and their related information. In addition to receiving the ISO 27001 international standard and other information security certificates of importance to organizations that deal with sensitive cardholder data, e-wallets, ATMs and points of sale, we obtained both the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certification and the PCI 3DS Core Security Standard certification, which are granted by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). Besides positioning us as the first e-payment company in Iraq to hold both standards simultaneously, these certifications reflect our unwavering commitment to adopting reliable and secure measures and adhering to stringent security guidelines that safeguard cardholder data, so that our clients enjoy secure payment services wherever they may be.

We also established a Risk Management and Compliance Department that adopts a robust compliance framework, including the global governance framework COBIT 2019.  This department is led by specialists in risk management, security procedures and information security and confidentiality. To ensure a safe and efficient national system, we activated multiple processes to protect our information systems and ensure the conduct and continuity of e-transactions within a secure tech environment. In tandem, we elevated our capabilities to mitigate cybersecurity risks and challenges, while affording ways to safeguard our information security stability against piracy and cyber-attacks.


  • Development: Extending exceptional offerings and ensuring that our clients access them first is at the forefront of our priorities, which is why we remain updated on the latest advancements taking place within the e-payment services and cards arenas.
  • Excellence: We guarantee excellence across our diverse operations and add value to everything we do in the interest of our clients, with whom we build strategic partnerships, so we may grow together and achieve the best.

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