Terms and Conditions

in relation to Prepaid Electronic Commerce Cards

Important Notice: Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using the MasterCard Card owned by Iraq Electronic Gate for Financial Services (Switch).

These terms and conditions (“Terms & Conditions”) represent the agreement entered into between Iraq E-Gate Company for Financial Services trading under the trade name (Switch) (the “Company” or “We”) having its address at Baghdad – Al jadriyah licensed by the Central Bank of Iraq under the license no (4) and you as a cardholder (“You“, “Cardholder“, “Customer“). You acknowledge that the Electronic Commerce MasterCard is a prepaid card owned by the Company owned (“ E-commerce Card”)and You must be protect it from loss, or theft and illegal use as it represents your personal money cash wallet. You as a Cardholder and the person who is indicated with, and agrees to the Terms and Conditions herein upon purchase and/ or commence using it.

1- E-Commerce Card Information
  • You acknowledge and understand that the usage of your E-commerce Card should be subject to the legislation in force at the Republic of Iraq and that the authorized transactions to carry out comply with any regulations or instructions issued by the Central Bank of Iraq and the MasterCard International and that you acquaint of it and that may not use your E-commerce Card in any fraudulent suspected to be fraudulent or in violation to the legislation in force, including those related to money laundering, terrorism financing, suspicious transactions, or may incur damage to the trademark of the Iraq Electronic Gate for Financial Services (Switch)or MasterCard trademark, in which the Company has the right to take the actions it deems appropriate and subject to its sole and absolute discretion in order to comply with the law and/or the Central Bank of Iraq Instructions and/or MasterCard International, and you will be held legally and financially liable for any of such transactions.
  • The E-commerce Card is issued in US Dollars.
  • The E-commerce Card does not provide cash withdrawal services including the withdrawal through the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) or purchase services at point of sales (POS) or transfer to and from the E-commerce Card or reloading.
2- Cardholder Information
  • You must provide us with personal information and any other information that is required to complete the registration and subscription process. This information should be accurate, correct, and non-depictive.
  • You irrevocably authorize the Company to disclose and provide the information provided by you, to affiliates, subsidiaries and relevant parties (including but not limited to, consultants, third party and marketing partners).
3- Loss, Theft, Damage or Misuse
  • If your E-commerec Card is lost, stolen, damaged or misused, you have to immediately, call the Company’s customer service centre, which is available to customers 24 hours a day for 7 days a week, on +9647904100000.
4- Liability and Error Correction Procedures
  • You acknowledge that you are not permitted to use the E-commerce Card to purchase illegal goods or services in violation with the public order or morals, and You agree that the Company has the right to monitor the transactions completed on the E-commerce Card and We have the right to take the necessary and appropriate action in cases where the card is engaged in suspicious or fraudulent transactions or related to money laundering and terrorism financing. You shall be fully liable and in absolute for any prohibited use or misuse of the E-commerec Card.
  • We are not responsible for any failure of completing any transaction, or any unsuccessful transaction you may make, in the event you had no sufficient balance in your E-commerce Card to complete the transaction, or if the system was down or not properly functioning, or if there were certain circumstances beyond Our control that prevented the completion of the transaction, or if the merchant has allocated to a larger amount than the purchase amount.
  • To the extent permitted by law, you will indemnify Us for any loss or damage We may suffer or incur due to any claim and/or request and/or financial demand and/or action of any kind addressed to Us directly or indirectly due to the reason that: (a) you have not observed your obligations under this Terms & Condition; or (b) You acted negligently or fraudulently with respect to these Terms & Conditions.
  • To the extent permitted by law, We will not be liable for any loss or damage (whether direct or consequential). We will not be restricted to these terms and conditions, for failure to observe or enforce any of Our obligations for any reason, or for a reason that may not with reasonable care, control or prevent it from us. These include, but are not limited to, the acts of god, nature, acts or omissions of governments or their affiliates, other industrial strikes, fires, floods, storms, riots, electricity shortages or failures, vandalism, acts or omissions by third parties.
5- Usage of the E-commerce Card
  • You may use the E-commerce Card for a wide range of transactions through the intranet, including shopping over websites that accept MasterCard trade mark, pay your bills, and subscription amounts, flight booking and other services, this E-commerce Card offers maximum security by providing You with your secure code and eliminate the risks related with counterfeiting, fraud, hacking, etc.
6- Validity
  • The E-commerce Card shall be valid until the expiry of its validity date printed on it, or when the balance of the card reaches zero, whichever comes first, except in cases where the E-commerce Card is deactivated by the Company as a result of a suspicious transactions in which the Company will cancel the E-commerce Card and reserve its balance without any previous notice or warning to its holder, and the Company will begin to take the actions as it deems appropriate in accordance with the instructions, regulations and laws of the Central Bank of Iraq and/or Mastercard International.
7- Fees
  • The Company will calculate the following fees to be deducted from the card balance, except as required otherwise:

    • Management fees: management fees free unless the card was not used for 30 days as per the following:

      • E-commerce 10$ denomination will deduct 1$ after 30 days without any transactions.
      • E-commerce 12.5$ denomination will deduct 1$ after 30 days without any transactions.
      • E-commerce 25$ denomination will deduct 2$ after 30 days without any transactions.
      • E-commerce 50$ denomination will deduct 3$ after 30 days without any transactions.
      • E-commerce 100$ denomination will deduct 4$ after 30 days without any transactions.
      • E-commerce 300$ denomination will deduct 5$ after 30 days without any transactions.
    • Decline transaction fees : 45 cent will be deducted from the card balance in case of any declined transaction.
    • Replacement Fee: The re-issue E-commerce Card fee (loss allowance) of $ 7 will be charged.
    • Refund Fee: A refund fee of $ 15 will be charged in case of damage and loss, subject to deduction from the E-commerce Card balance.
  • You agree and acknowledge that the company deducts a commission of 3% of the total transaction value, or $ 0.50 per transaction, whichever is higher, for international operations fees transferred through the MasterCard Global Network.

8- Responsibility for Transactions
  • The Cardholder shall be fully responsible for all transactions performed on the E-commerce Card including currency transfer amounts or additional amounts imposed by the merchant, and transactions resulting from misuse of the card or failure to report, in the event of loss or theft.
9- Confidentiality of the Cardholder’s Information and Disclosure of Information to Third Party
  • Subject to the provisions of paragraph ‎2 above, the Company shall maintain the confidentiality of the Cardholder’s information and the transactions performed on it. However, the Company has the right to disclose information or transactions to a third party as it deems appropriate to the extent necessary to complete the transaction or to benefit from the services of the third party or for the purposes of bringing court actions or to comply with legal orders and provisions or the instructions of the Central Bank of Iraq or MasterCard International, as required.
10- Miscellaneous
  • Each of terms and/or paragraphs in these Terms and Conditions must be separate and independent from each other. If any or more provision of this Terms and Conditions held illegal or unenforceable in any respect such invalidity, illegality or unenforceability shall not in any way affect the validity of the legality or enforceability of the remaining provisions, in these Terms and Conditions.
  • The Company may assign or transfer any or all of its rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions to any third party as it deems appropriate.
11- Responsibility Dispute Resolution and Applicable Law
  • If you object to any of the transactions on the card, please contact the Company’s customer service centre or any of the Company’s agents within the specified period under the applicable laws and regulations from the date of the transaction. The Company is responsible for handling disputed transactions in compliance with the laws and regulations of the Central Bank of Iraq and MasterCard International in this regard. The jurisdiction of the Iraqi courts shall be for the consideration and adjudication of disputes arising out of and in connection with this Terms and Conditions.
12- Customer Service Centre
  • The Company’s customer service centre is available to customers 24 hours a day for 7 days a week to receive all inquiries and provide services related to the E-commerce Card or its transactions on +9647904100000. For more information about the e-commerce Card, please visit the Company’s website www.switch.com.iq.